Open games

Games on Multiversalis are open, you can play with it as much as you want for free.

Any published improvement on this games must be shared with the same rules.


Your game

You keep your ownership control of content you publish on Multiversalis.

Commercial use is NOT allowed without the consent of the author.


You rules

It is your universe rules, your game rules and your publication rules!

Your rules makes authority, feel free to complete or replace these rules with your own.

Multiversalis is provided for free to the community by Jonathan Sanchez ([email protected]). Multiversalis is provided for fictive content, any content that is not related to role playing games or any kind of fiction may be unpublished or removed.

I take all appropriate measures to protect your personal data against violations, modifications or destruction. This measures include: https, Cloudflare DDOS protection, daily db backup, passwords are encrypted, CSP headers, ... Mozilla Observatory

Multiversalis contains a non intrusive internal tracker that does not use cookies and respect your "do not track" browser settings.